The 3 basic steps to successful Instagram communication

Despite the total Facebook domination when it comes to social media marketing in Bulgaria, the growing popularity of Instagram started to improve the use of the platform for brand communication purposes. The increasing number of active users creates the opportunity to reach and engage with new potential clients as long as you know how to achieve this result. We, as a content marketing team and active users, decided to give you some hints about the 3 fundamental steps which you have to follow if you want to perform well on Instagram.

Meet our clients: Callista

One of the most intriguing and yet challenging parts of being a brand story teller is having a client with a clearly segmented target group. This gives us the opportunity to explore its characteristics, its way of communication and to learn the intricacies of speaking its language.

TriplePro increased social awereness with #hiddencashsofia

In summer 2015 we made the impulsive decision to start the Hidden Cash movement in our city. Soon after that, colorful envelopes with 50 leva inside them started to appear at different spots in downtown Sofia. We developed the general idea by adding a charity element – we donated the equivalent of the money founded in the envelopes to a NGO or a cause, chosen by the founder. Our main goal was to boost the message of different charity campaigns and encourage young people to take an active part in them.