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What is Hidden Cash?

Hidden Cash is a global project which was originally launched during spring 2014 on Twitter. According to unconfirmed information, its initiator is Jason Buzi – American entrepreneur with a successful career in the real estate industry. Buzi’s idea was pretty simple - he started hiding various amounts of money at specified spots in San Francisco while publishing hints leading to the exact locations on social media.

Almost immediately, this humble social experiment turned into a global movement, affecting both the US and different European cities. Supporters of the idea started hiding envelopes with money at random locations, hoping that the people who’ll find them will eventually follow the example and join the cause. This was the reason that inspired us to launch the Hidden Cash project in Bulgaria.

HiddenCash Sofia TriplePro Bulgaria

How we started Hidden Cash Sofia

In summer 2015 we made the impulsive decision to start the Hidden Cash movement in our city. Soon after that, colorful envelopes with 50 leva inside them started to appear at different spots in downtown Sofia. We developed the general idea by adding a charity element – we donated the equivalent of the money founded in the envelopes to a NGO or a cause, chosen by the founder. Our main goal was to boost the message of different charity campaigns and encourage young people to take an active part in them.


Inspired by the Hidden Cash project, we decided to follow the lead and use another good example for a noble cause, while doing it our own way. This time our main goal was showing people that we can all do good and help those in need without spending too much time or money. Few days before Christmas, all our alarms were set on 4 AM as we were ready to say “Good morning” to Vitosha boulevard in Sofia and greet it with a smile and warm clothes. The only thing we did was to hang 19 jackets on the trees across the street and to encourage other people do the same.

The reason? We created the “I’m not lost” campaign in order to attract attention to the people who don’t have a warm and cozy place to live in - the ones who call the streets their home. With this project we managed to prove that a simple action that seems so minor at first, can be extremely valuable for someone in need – just like our old winter jacket can warm a freezing person on the street.

HiddenCash Sofia TriplePro Bulgaria

What were the reactions?

For less than a week, the campaign managed to reach over 100 000 people, it was covered by different media channels through interviews, video materials and articles, and the love that we put into our humble gesture reached dimensions that no one from our team was expecting. We are more than happy that our example became a national movement and was followed by other cities, such as Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Stara Zagora. The heat wave turned out to be so strong that it even flooded cities in Romania and Greece, which also gathered around the idea and spread it across the locals.

HiddenCash Sofia TriplePro Bulgaria

How the Hidden Cash Sofia project affected our work and the relationships between our team members?

Launching the Hidden Cash Sofia project managed to affect both our personal and professional development. Over the time we completely dedicated our time to the cause – the lack of sleep and the midnight walks around the city were nothing compared to the significance of our mission. Hidden Cash Sofia is not just a project for us – it’s a natural way through which we became closer, got to know each other better and eventually developed as the team we are now.

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