The 3 basic steps to successful Instagram communication

Despite the total Facebook domination when it comes to social media marketing in Bulgaria, the growing popularity of Instagram started to improve the use of the platform for brand communication purposes. The increasing number of active users creates the opportunity to reach and engage with new potential clients as long as you know how to achieve this result. We, as a content marketing team and active users, decided to give you some hints about the 3 fundamental steps which you have to follow if you want to perform well on Instagram.

  • Objective

    The limited type of content on Instagram (almost exclusively visual) is not an obstacle when it comes to the variety of communication opportunities which the platform offers. That’s why it’s really important to set a clear goal which you want to achieve. According to your industry, the objectives of your communication can be: building and developing the online presence of your brand; presenting products or services; presenting your team or covering events; driving sales through third-party app; different combinations between all of them. Having a specific goal will help you recognize the mistakes in your Instagram communication and eventually find the best approach.

  • Target group

    If you don’t have any idea whether your potential clients are Instagram users (or at least part of them) – it’s time for you to find out. If the answer is negative, your future in this platform isn’t bright. But if it’s positive, invest some time in research of their activity – what content they post, what content they like, what hashtags they use. The hashtags and their smart usage can have a significant role, especially when it comes to more defined target groups which use specific tags.

  • Quality

    In connection with the paragraph above, it’s really important to know that most of the active users share quality content and have an opinion about this. So, have in mind that boring photos or videos, as well as low quality content will be skipped through quick scrolling down until they reach the depths of the Instagram feed. In order to prevent this, try to keep a certain visual standard and incorporate a clear concept in every single post – your followers will definitely notice and appreciate that.

    But if you want to reach the next level and want to leave your brand’s Instagram account in professional hands, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to and we will take it from there.

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