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TriplePro is a Content strategist Creator of content Story distributor

At TriplePro we all have one thing in common: we are curious as people and professionals. Our main belief is that you can be perfect at something, only if you do it with pleasure. “Good enough” is not an option for us, so we always achieve the best results, every day.

We strive for lasting relationships that exceed your expectations. Our team is always full of creative ideas which will inspire you and help your brand move forward. We keep a smooth, energetic and valuable cooperation so that together we can create content with a huge impact.

We have gained expertise through our platforms and have a strong focus on user experience, therefore we know exactly how to create the best content for your brand and reach your target audience. This allows us to offer added value to you as a client.

Content Strategie Marketing Sofia Bulgarije TriplePro
Content Strategie Marketing Sofia Bulgarije TriplePro
Content Strategie Marketing Sofia Bulgarije TriplePro
Content Strategie Marketing Sofia Bulgarije TriplePro

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We're not the only ones excited happy about our content strategy and creation!

+250 clients in +20 industries use TriplePro's content strategy and creation.

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Meet our Team or read About Us

Olaf Guikema Creative Thinker Olaf is the one of the founders of TriplePro. He has been an entrepreneur for more than 10 years and founded 7 companies across Europe. He is passionate about marketing, especially about the unexplored potential in Bulgaria. Olaf Guikema Facebook Linkedin Olaf Guikema Olaf Guikema
Teddy Toneva Teddy Toneva Idea Generator Teddy is in charge of Business Development and Operations at TriplePro. Her entrepreneurial passion includes leading her own cluster of marketing services companies, re-branding products and consulting local start-ups on growth tactics. Teddy Toneva Facebook Linkedin Teddy Toneva Teddy Toneva instagram
Martijn Wester Martijn Wester Project Manager Martijn is a skillful project manager and a true HTML ninja in one. In short, he is a very communicative geek from the Netherlands that speaks multiple languages. He is the primary point of contact when new projects are initiated, which is big client benefit. Martijn Wester Facebook Linkedin Martijn Wester Martijn Wester
Victoria Marinova TriplePro Victoria Marinova Strategic Planner Vicky’s main responsibility is juggling with both client communication and internal processes in our team. She makes sure our creatives meet all deadlines. Vicky has a broad experience as a volunteer for different NGOs, which adds extra value to her role within our family. Victoria Marinova Facebook
elena koycheva Ani Animated Animator is before all an incredibly active person – from crafting art to making people laugh with her sunny disposition, she’s got all the ingredients needed to make your day an incredibly pleasant one! And that’s exactly what she does for us here at TriplePro!
Peter ALEXANDROV Pavel Biz Dev has the exciting job of sharing the TriplePro vision with the world in such a way that people will want more of us! He’s always there for a friendly chat and loves juggling the numerous aspects of business development because it never lets him stay bored!
Chrissy MUTAFCHIEVA Elizabet Daring Designer might just be one of the most gifted people you could possibly meet! She has the responsibility of putting what we imagine to paper and sharing it with the world. We love how she keeps showing us what a creative mind can do once you let it create!
Stefan Alexandrov TriplePro Inna Social Storyteller has one of the most responsible tasks of all – yarning the incredible stories of people who come to us! She does this with great pleasure, often putting her unique spin on things, which only makes us even more invested in her storytelling!