We're a Content Marketing Agency in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We believe that content is the key to making modern consumers connect with a brand, and influences their decision-making more than ever.

Let us help you build a quality timeline and start telling the story of your brand.

Latest project: McDonald's TV ad.

Film production including casting, shooting and editing to promote McDonalds' new home delivery app.

Here's what we do

Photography and video

Every frame matters.

Content marketing and strategy

Reach and retain.


Social media storytelling

Tell it your way.


Design, branding and copywriting

Look amazing, sound genuine.

Our other projects:


Video Production, Advertising, Digital Strategy

5L Cocktail Bar

Social Media Storytelling, Design


Design, Photography, Social Media

Trastena Wine

Video, graphic design, social media storytelling


Branding, Design, Strategy


Branding, Strategy


Photography, Video, Branding

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Solidarity, not selling: How to market during Covid-19.

In times of crisis, how can marketers and brands still stay in the minds of their audiences, without causing a PR disaster?

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