Team. The kids behind the curtain.

Katerina Micanska
Account Manager
Hey there, I'm Katerina. A might be a rock rebel by heart, but I make sure communications run smoothly between clients and the team.
Petar Trifonov
evitaerC rotceriD
Greetings, I`m Petar. I use the cognitive capacity of my brain to think about things.
Greta Maneva
Creative Resources Director
Hey, I'm Greta. They call me the guardian of the schedule and operational order.
Nicola Damov
Video Wizard
Hey, I'm Nicola. Some call me a cinema lover, director wannabe, magician with a camera in hand.
Elena Frolikova
Content Storyteller
Hello, I'm Elena. Mostly I run stories. mostly the great stories run me.
Mariya Zhinoteva
Senior Designer
Hi, I'm Mariya! I am a designer and I dress up content with beautiful clothes.
Cristina Avramova
Layer Player
Hey, I'm Cristina. I'm the one they call when the words are over and you need a unique design...
Yoana Malinova
Content Creator
Hello, I am Yoana and I love creating stuff.
Olaf Guikema
Content Godfather
I am a lucky guy. I am surrounded by this amazing, creative group of people and every day we create and tell the stories of our clients.
Simona Gotsis
Content Storyteller
Hey, I'm Simona - Would you like an advertising and marketing strategy now, or do you prefer to have your tea first?
Chrissy Mutafchieva
Designer Extraordinaire
Hey there! I'm Chrissy. I love dabbling in anything visually creative. From web design to digital, to print - I can help your brand truly shine.
Manuela Nikolova
Account Manager
Master of words, free spirit, true lover of sea. If she sees you bringing a plastic bag, you will definitely get a lecture from her. But what’s more important, you’ll...
Ivan Panayotov
Account Manager
Hello, who I am? I am Ivan and I am an actor. Currently I act as a smooth account executive in the Triple Pro movie.
Rumyana Todorova
Graphic designer
Where imagination meets style, there is Rumi’s work. Literal or abstract, classic or futuristic, her photos and designs are exactly what you need them to be. While you’re reading this,...
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