McDondald’s goes mobile

McDonalds were doing a national launch of a new mobile app which gives users access to exclusive meal deals and discounts.

The app was going to be available for everyone, but was mainly targeted at high-school students. McDonalds wanted to create a hype and word of mouth effect that would result in app downloads and consequently, more visits to their restaurants.

The thinking

Aside from doing a full digital campaign to promote the launch, we produced a TV commercial that ran during prime time on some of Bulgaria’s most popular television channels. The commercial was also featured as a longer digital video that revealed further plot details and app specifics.

The work process involved 3 main steps – planning, filming and distribution. After agreeing on the creative of the video, our main focus was to ensure that everyone involved shared the same vision for the end product and the highest level of quality would be achieved.

After the completion of the filming, the post production process involved a quick consultation with the client during the editing, adding key graphic elements and aligning everything to McDonalds’ visual identity guidelines.

The outcome

All steps of the campaign were executed within the budget and deadline, with the TV commercial still being on air. Thanks to our comprehensive approach and close communication with the client, we made sure that our work is on the right track at all times.

Our collaborative efforts with McDonalds’ local marketing agency resulted in a wide off and online reach, and a successful app launch.

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